At Silver Sport we offer high quality service at unbeatable prices. Our wide selection of products and brands enables us to advise you on the most suitable equipment for all your sporting requirements. 

Our aim is to ensure that you are perfectly equipped for our beautiful mountain environment.





From humble beginnings in 1978 in a small shop in Rougemont, Silver sport has expanded to boast a large flagship store at the entrance of Rougemont and three Premium stores in the leading hotels in Gstaad. Lorenz Bachs' passion and tireless dedication to their customers has remained constant.

Lorenz Bachs' lifestyle is inspired by the local surroundings, simply most beautiful vista in the world - the Swiss Alps.

Lorenz Bach son, Jean - Pascal has stepped into his fathers footsteps running Lorenz Bachs' first shop, Silver Sport. Jean- Pascal has preserved and developed the impeccable style and uncompromising quality that will always be the Silver Sport hallmark. We look forward to welcoming you in one of our stores and personally equipping you to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

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'life starts all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall'

During the Winter months SILVER SPORT promises to fulfil your every requirement. With the latest 2016/17 Collections, state of the art equipment and revolutionary technology SILVER SPORT has it.

SILVER SPORT can equip any ability. Our professionally trained staff will discuss the best products that are suited to each person - at SILVER SPORT we tailor our equipment to serve the needs of our clients. No need, want or desire to too great for us.

Fashion and fitness go hand in hand at SILVER SPORT whether you are attending a pilates class, mountain running, snow biking, skating or cross country skiing, we have something for you. 

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