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La Sapiniere
1659 Rougemont

+41 (0)26 925 80 50

Exclusive Ski wear and ski rental in a nice Swiss chalet we have all the big brands we are located in the region of Gstaad Saanenland and rougemont chateau doex.

Also we have 3 Other shops in Gstaad with Ski rental they are located in the palace hotel gstaad, park hotel gstaad  and hotel Alpina

We have the best customer service in gstaad for ski wear and ski rental. 





Whether you are starting on a new fitness journey, an experienced athlete or looking to stay fit over the holidays our qualified experts will develop a program specific to your needs and help you work towards your goals. For private personal training your sessions will be personalized and can include: body sculpting, weight loss, muscle building, postural balance, active rehabilitation, sport specific training, stress management or any other scope of health and fitness.

If you are interested in building or maintaining your fitness level in a beautiful setting please contact us below.

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